Nancy Moss’s play Deception won Portland Civic Theatre Guild’s 2014 playwriting contest, had a staged reading as part of Portland’s 2016 Fertile Ground festival and was a 2017 Oregon Book Award finalist. Her 10-minute play “Detained” will be part of Portland’s 2020 Fertile Ground Festival. New York’s Nylon Fusion Theatre produced her play Conviction in 2017. Her play Will the Real Charlie Chan Stand Up? – about the Honolulu police detective who inspired the fictional Charlie Chan - had a successful run at Honolulu’s Kumu Kahua theatre in 2012, after winning Kumu Kahua’s Hawaii prize.  Her ten-minute play The Pilot, about a drone pilot, was part of Oregon Contemporary Theatre’s 2013 April festival in Eugene, Oregon.  The Actors Group in Honolulu produced her play Anna: Love in the Cold War, about the Russian poet Akhmatova, in 2002 and 2012; it had a showcase in Abingdon Theatre in New York City in 2011.  Her play Hostage Wife, about the Iraq War, won Abingdon Theatre’s Wolk Award in 2005 and had a staged reading at Abingdon Theatre in 2006 and a 2007 production at Kumu Kahua Theatre in Honolulu.  Her musical Infinite Jest had a 1998 production in Honolulu and a 2002 showcase in New York City.


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2017 Oregon Book Award finalist, Deception
2015 winner, Portland Civic Theatre Guild writing contest, Deception
2011 Hawaii Prize, Kumu Kahua Theatre, Will the Real Charlie Chan Please Stand Up?
2006 Resident Prize, Kumu Kahua Theatre, Ring of Fire
2005 Abingdon Theatre's Wolk Award, Hostage Wife
2004 Resident Prize, Kumu Kahua Theatre, The Last Outpost
2002, Po'Okela Award, Best Original Play, Anna: Love in the Cold War


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